Hi, I’m Jayson

Professional Writer, Full Stack Software Engineer and Project Consultant

My Services

Professional Writer

Need a professional content creator to produce blog posts or marketing copy? Need a professional to support you in your own content production?

Software Design

Need a software partner to work with you to design customised software that will meet 100% of your business needs

Software Development

Have a software design completed and need a development team  to bring it to life?

Project Manager

Have a software project in mind but need someone with the skills and experience to manage it?

Websites & Multimedia

Need someone who can work with you from start to finish in planning, designing and deploying a website? Need video content or multimedia assets generated?

Data Mining

Have a massive repository of data that you need to glean useful and insightful information from?

Software Consulting

Need someone to join your management team to help discuss and consider the best software approach to take to meet your business needs?

Internet Marketing

Want expert advice on the best approach to getting your website noticed online?

Project Troubleshooting

Need someone who works well under pressure to step in and help you save your project?

About Me

I began my professional career as a solicitor and have several years of legal practice experience under my belt.  My keen interest however was in understanding business processes and matching software to those needs. I left the legal industry in 2000 to pursue my software passion.

I've spent the last 20 years honing my software skills in both production and management of development projects. I am also a professional writer producing both quality commercial work as well as personal works of fiction and scriptwriting.

I have project managed application development projects ranging from $5,000 to $1,000,000+ for state governments and organisations, private & public corporations, universities and a variety of small, medium and large enterprises managing and leading teams from 1 to 15 members.

I am a family man, married and raising 3 sons.

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